Let me jot down the words that I love to tell my friends:

Please!!, Pathetic, Disappointed, Kaminey, Chutiye, MC, BC, CC, Dude, U have no idea, Excuse me, Is it? , Hah, Aww, Nailed it, #true story, seriously, Come on, le loser, As if……

Now last week was full of happenings in LIBA. Classes, bitches beaches and orientation. I will come to those typically boring college happenings later but before that let me tell you the breaking news. I got caught thrice while smoking in my room by the assistant hostel director. Gave me warning (as if I care) and left the room. I smiled and lit another one.


Classes are going pretty good. I am sleeping with my eyes open. Now this art right here needs expertise and practice. Ramdev Baba don’t even teach ‘How to sleep with eyes open?’ I am a master of the art and I even ask question in the class sometimes while sleeping (that is like playing the game at ‘veteran’ level). My batch is full of nerds and the effect on me is really frustrating. They are regular page turners and I am yet to see the cover of any book. Grrrhh…I am so gonna be screwed. On 22nd and 23rd we had orientation.

Yesterday had presentations of different Clubs of LIBA. The seniors are super cool and met few of them. Met Bhuvanesh, Rahil, Akash, Abhishek. Saw Kasturi, Cherryl, Charanya, Madhumitha, Anika but was not able to interact. Elite class I guess….lol. Anyway the signature campaign is on in LIBA and I am planning to hit the floor tomorrow.



Last week we went to Bessie. Played in water, melted some ice and had loads of fun. At last it seems that our class is going for the normal chit chat (with few occasions of gender biased awkward silence). Sherwin is unofficially Mr. Fresher and Ankur is the clean hearted devil. Among girls there are few head turners but not gonna name them, may get charges of harassment…lol. The best thing about our Bessie trip is that it was successful. It was my first non-alcoholic fun filled moments in Chennai. This is so going into LIBA F12 history book. We had dinner together and food was too good, although missed Zaitoon by whiskers.

Thats me the invisible one 😛

Now the fun part:

In today’s Man Eco class I was feeling so sleepy that I wrote the worst ever text coming out of my pen (no dude believe me there are worse!!!). Here is what I wrote:

When u sleep in the class

And let the time pass

U wish for some grass

But the professor is here

With Placecomm OCD

Or other clubs’ pedigree

Which keep us very busy

And the freshers in near

And here is the catch

With debit credit mismatch

U cant sleep in Vandy’s class

It gives u sleepless nights

Regional bias is past

The spell has been cast

Making friends very fast

Let’s take LIBA to new heights

P.S. I have applied for only placecomm. Fingers crossed that I get in.

P.P.S. I thought signature campaign is junior senior interaction over few bottles of Signature 😉 .



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And the helluva ride begins

Spoiler Alert : Long and boring post. Read on at your own risk 😛

When I get where I am going

On the far side of the sky

The first thing I am gonna do

Is spread my wings and fly

Gonna land beside a lion

Run my fingers through his mane

Or I might find out what it’s like

To ride a drop of rain

Brad Paisley

As usual the sun is just rising on one of many hangover Sundays (4 in the morning), everyone is dead in LIBA hostel and I am blabbering.

A week into LIBA. A week into B-school life and I can feel the heat. No, no I am not talking about the weather rather the weather is kinda cool. I am talking about the implications of hardship that me and my friends gonna face while trying to cope up with BFA. I would love to ask my BFA prof. “Why so serious?” Anyway we all expected that CAP is going to be a nightmare and I guess it is the most enjoyed class out of all the foundation course classes.

Anyway a week into LIBA life and initial classes were pretty much non-impressive. As has been a tradition in our senior batch, girls and boys do form separate rows while sitting in the class. They hardly interact and create a typically awkward situation which is identical to the kids going to co-ed schools when they reach puberty. Teachers come teach, threaten and leave. We study (hypothetically), laugh and return.

I am really impressed by the current batch mix. Although cool chennaites are more in numbers but finding a healthy mix with people all the way from Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata pretty outperformed my expectations. Tamils, Mallus, Gujjus, Bongs, Jats and Indians. Now it is official that I am a last bencher(those who are tail-enders or lower order of the class :D) and I m lovin it. And the last benches are filled with some pretty interesting people Abhilash, Adi, Ankur, Karthick, Anup, Rahul, Mario and some girls. I donno all the names of the tail ender girls, only a few like Aparanji, Meera, Merin , Neha , Preeti, Steffi…wooh remembering names is mentally tolling!!! Piyush, our CR is pretty good at that.

Enough of names, now some news from the house of the person suffering from attention seeking syndrome…that’s me. I played cricket after around 8-10 years, thanx to my irritating pals Anup and Piyush. Yeah I did that and even was able to touch the ball (the cricket one). I played table tennis, now that’s a miracle for a person who is not at all into sports. The hostel Director is super cool (at least for now) and he convinced us that he will behave with us as men rather than boys. Pretty confidence gainer isn’t it?

After my initial stint as mentioned in my previous post I made lots of friends Ankur, Ajay, Rito, Rejo, Anup, Sankha, Piyush, Sunny and all (although Sunny left for BIM, Trichy). We were so scared of LIBA rules that we went in formals on the first day and you bet lol, we felt super awkward. BFA was introduced  and it was boring for the first few days of definitions. Enters our very own debits & credits and assets & liabilities. And man it is damn sweet. In the exams I may not perform well but the reason will be my laziness, not because BFA is tough or boring, rather it is cute and pettable dragon as shown in Avatar. CAP is cool (given the AC lab) and BBM is a sleeping pill. Even the most serious and attentive student will doze off once in a while. On the way made some new friends. BFA ne hamari aisi le li that we went for drinks on the very third day and it was ossum. Me, Anup, Nikhil, Ankur, Ajay, Sankha, Sunny and all. Amidst all that met Herbert, our senior and saw Deepak (didn’t go and talk to him coz he seemed busy 😀 )

The food here in restaurants are eatable. The heat is nearly not palpable. And I m lovin it. Made few more friends. Amidst all the buzz around regarding studies, thanx to our CR and few other enthusiastic we planned an evening out to Besant Nagar Beach last day. Although the trip has been postponed (not cancelled you idiots) but anyway we had our own ice breaking session. And man it was fun. Everyone was asked to get up on the stage and introduce themselves and then an open house questionnaire. People talked and laughed their heart out. Nandita and Aswathy sang. We have our showstopper Ricky and another one who did superb mimicry (sorry I forgot his name, toldya I am very bad at remembering names 😦 …now I know his name Williams) Ricky burnt the dance floor. Piyush sang in different voices and impressed us all. The sheer exposure to some unadulterated talent really mesmerised me. We have dancers, singers, actors, poker players, guitar players, chess players, bridge players, swimmers, movie directors, musicians, soft toy maker, infy trainer, vet and gawd knows what. Special mention Sherwin 😉

Shut the fuck up – I know I am not one of them 😀

We asked stupid question, teased few people and had loads of fun. And the cooperation and superb sense of humour of our section really made the event successful. Feeling lucky and proud. Last day after the session we guys went out for a party, 19 people. Yup you read that right. Roof top bar, open air drinking and some vocal chords made the evening legen-wait-for-it-dary. All of us drank like fish. We sang, danced and danced with a super friendly senior. I was hit by a car (Travera) while returning back and thank gawd nothing bad happened to the driver or the car. Now you all know why I love LIBA.



PS. I have not studied a single thing in a single subject and pretty scared to see my bookworm friends around.

PPS. I still have a hangover and was suffering from writer’s block, so started the post in the morning and deliberately completed it now 😛 .


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Live from LIBA

Friends of F12, please don’t recognise me just by a name that had some fun on FB, please meet me as a completely new person with no expectations whatsoever.

–          Dedicated to my LIBA friends

Aha my first post on my new blog…that has to be different.  It has to be more, something more. It has to be more clichéd, more boring and yes, more irritating and stupider. I will try to be funnier by guarantee limited based on circumstances and mood swings. So I thought what I should write. Should I write about my first day in LIBA? Or should I write about Chennai from a different wide open eyes? And I thought to myself, hellya (with that meme face), I am gonna write on both.

Vanakkam(I spelled it wrong first time 😀 )

I reached Chennai on 9th morning. At around 4’o clock I got down from Chennai Mail. And I was pleasantly welcome by a foul smell which seemed to be a signature Chennai. What I mean to say is your olifactory glands will get used to a smell which is not pleasant for a stranger. The smell density may vary, so if you don’t sense it doesn’t mean it is not there 😛 . So I went to my friend’s house and had a hell lot of party there, if you know what I mean.


At around 6 in the evening on the same day we decided to visit the beach. Yes, its true that I have been to Chennai a few times before but have never been to any of the Chennai beaches. So we went to Besant Nagar beach. The journey was superb. My friend’s car’s back seat was stuffed with 2 guys and 2 gals and I being one of them was having a really congested time. The Saturday evening traffic jam was playing with my patience with its bursty and unpredictable movements. At last when I reached there, the beach did not impress me just because it was over crowded. I had sweet corn on the beach and preparation method of the same is pretty interesting and new to me.


Returned from beach, watched some football, had some beer and then went to sleep. In the forning I called up Fast Track to book my cab to LIBA. And I reached LIBA at 11 in the morning. As soon as I entered I saw Ajay and Ankur waiting at LIBA men’s hostel. Typical me, I forgot my pictures and was totally confused during my registration process. Made few more friends, met Ritaban, Piyush, Sherwin, Shakha…and lots of other friends. I liked the hostel room as it was pretty clean and enough for a guy. Went for lunch at nearby ‘Orusorru’ and had a wholesome meal there.


Me and Ankur went to the T. Nagar market to buy our usual hostel stuff. I as usual forgot to bring LAN cable but we gave up searching for it due to the sultry weather and the never ending crowd of the T. Nagar market. We came back and went for a movie at the nearest PVR at Skywalk mall with Ritaban and Ajay. But before that we did a crazy thing. We bought a bottle of Vodka, punched it in a soft drinks bottle and had it on Chennai road. Went to the movie ‘Prometheus’ and Ridley Scott disappointed me. We came back and for the first time I entered my room. I actually forgot to bring lock and key for my room and had to keep my luggage in friends’ rooms until Ahona saved me by lending a small but effective lock. Arranged my room a bit and then went out for dinner at ‘Sachin ka Dhaba’. The waiter over there told us he does not know Tamil and asked us to communicate to any other language. Weird and a big relief. Food was good (not exceptional) and on the very first day we returned after 10 pm but there was no problem whatsoever.


Anyway the first weekend of my two year stint in Chennai was nice and made a lot a lot of friends by the end of the day. I hated the traffic, the conveyance system and the weather and the fact that we have to go downstairs for cold water. What I loved? I loved the atmosphere at LIBA, new friends, internet connection and my room C12.

See you all in the class.

P.S. Sorry for the crappy interface of the new blog as it is still under construction.

P.S.S. Whoa!!! gotta go, have to report by 7:45 a.m.


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